How to Ensure That a Senior Person Stays Hydrated

How to Ensure That a Senior Person Stays Hydrated

The elderly are at risk of being dehydrated, especially during humid weather. When they are dehydrated, they are also prone to other health complications. Dehydration can result in dizziness, headaches, or worse, stroke.

Why are seniors at risk of dehydration?

A senior person is prone to electrolyte imbalances, which is normal in the aging season. Because of this, their body temperature cannot make the right adjustments to weather changes. So when it’s very humid outside, they can get dehydrated fast. They can also be at risk because they don’t feel thirsty very much. Their medications can also lead to side effects that include dehydration.

What can you do to prevent dehydration?

As a provider of Home Care in East Dundee, Illinois, here are steps you can take to avoid dehydration among the elderly.

  • Monitor Fluid Intake
    You need to know how much fluid intake does your senior loved one need at that moment. Depending on the weather condition, their hydration also needs to vary. When it’s more humid, they may sweat more. On colder days, they don’t sweat as much. Because of this, you need to ensure that their water intake is balanced.
  • Serve Other Fluid Sources
    Aside from water, your aging loved one can also stay hydrated with pure fruit juices, succulent fruits or vegetables, soups, and fruit shake. So if there’s no water available, serve other fluid sources. A Home Health Aide in Chicago can also assist you with this.
  • Select Helpful Drinkware
    There are mugs or glasses that are specially designed for seniors with low vision. Many of these glasses are bright-colored. If your senior loved one has age-related vision difficulties, they can see these glasses easily and use them properly.
  • Serve Fruit-Infused Water
    As Senior Care providers, we also suggest serving water with fruit infusions like lemon or oranges. These infusions enhance the water’s taste. These help your aging loved one to drink even if they have swallowing issues. Care providers from Inspired Grace Healthcare, Inc. can help prepare these kinds of drinks upon request.

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