Social Connectedness During Home Quarantine for Seniors

Social Connectedness During Home Quarantine for Seniors

Our home care in East Dundee, Illinois knows that it is especially difficult for seniors during this time of the global pandemic.

To prevent getting sick, everyone should keep themselves healthy and observe proper protocols—especially seniors who are most vulnerable to diseases. Even more vulnerable are those with pre-existing conditions like diabetes, heart and lung diseases, and cancer since they have a high risk of developing severe illnesses.

Inspired Grace Healthcare, Inc. believes that all the more important should be put into senior care. Some of the things you can do for them is:

  • Keep yourself healthy. As caretakers, you must ensure that you are taking the necessary measures to form getting yourself infected.
  • Social and physical distancing, not social isolation. Having a home health aide in Chicago who can visit and keep seniors accompanied will help boost their immunity and mental health.
  • Stay connected through technology. Older adults can stay connected through the use of technology. Our caregivers can help them set up and teach them how to use technology so they can connect with their family and friends even when they stay home.
  • Keep them occupied with projects at home. Organizing photos, teaching kids the family recipe or share music and songs, are some of the activities that seniors can do at home.

Don’t put your loved ones at risk. Help them get through these trying times scathe free. We provide exceptional care to our clients and excel in identifying all physical, psychological and emotional needs. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to call us now.

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