Tips to Avoiding High Blood Sugar

Tips to Avoiding High Blood Sugar

High blood sugar is an ongoing concern among the diabetic population, especially seniors. This is due to your body being unable to produce enough insulin, use insulin the right way, or both. Too much glucose in your blood can lead to health problems over time.

The good news is that you can help your loved one keep their blood sugar under control, and Inspired Grace Healthcare, Inc. is here to talk about them. Here are a few tips we use in our senior care services:

  • Eating right
    Every patient diagnosed with diabetes should eat a healthy diet that is low on sugar and saturated fats. If you need help monitoring your senior’s diet, a Home Health Aide in Chicago is a great solution. This way, you have an extra pair of eyes to keep your senior’s nutrition in check.
  • Exercise and physical activity
    Aerobic exercises like swimming, walking, and cycling are great ways to control your glucose level. Aside from that, a decent daily workout also keeps you at a healthy weight, strengthens your muscles, and keeps your bones strong.
  • Monitor your glucose levels regularly
    Consult your loved one’s doctor about how and when they should check their blood sugar levels. This is especially important if your loved one has difficulty controlling their blood sugar or has hypoglycemia.

Need help caring for your diabetic elderly? Don’t worry. Our Home Care in East Dundee, Illinois is here to help you. Dial 224-484-0596 to get in touch.

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